2 years after the acquisition of Design Board International by Brand Quadergy, we decided to contact the team and follow up with them on how the brand design business is changing and what the benefits of being part of a network of companies are.
We wanted to get a 360 point of view so we extended our questions to members of the different departments and regions of the company.
With the grad?ual evo?lution? towards an hour-glass shaped eco?nomy and a clear shift in consumer preferences - to either save money by buying value and equity endangered promo driven brands, or selectively splash out on lifestyle compatible premium and luxury brands - the race is on to tally up potential consumers and effectively reach out to them across all touch-points in an engaging and meaningful manner that truly manifests with a maximum audience. Successful portfolio penetration, robust pricing strategies - that allow for volume and profit share - and the ability to convert profits into cash for investments into dynamic roll-outs, new product innovations and digital media, are top of most brand leaders list leading up to 2020 and remain entirely prominent for successful brand building.
Skilfully coupling desirable business results with short-term solutions that can create an immediate shift in paradigm and potential gliding path towards longer-term brand strategy implementations in line with the brand’s unique selling point and reason to believe, becomes essential to succeed and stay ahead of competition. Working with like-minded agency partners who are able to infiltrate and effortlessly adapt to this new business environment requires a high level of hands-on involvement across multiple key stakeholders whom all share the same working ethics, brand vision and ultimate goals. Their ability to come together as one team requires a result driven approach, strongly reflected in their experience and ability to work together. Budgets are based on well thought out brand strategies in line with available investment and scope, realising impactful solutions for longer-term brand visions. ? At our agency, we like to listen and we like to think. Our brand strategies are based on our clients’ business objectives and we proactively engage? in gathering a thorough understanding of our clients’ brand portfolios to consolidate and enhance opportunities that drive their businesses forward. We don’t reinvent what already exists. We globally leverage and strengthen what we know works with relevant insights and learnings and we refuel and fuse life into living brand ideas for achievable and convincing brand building outcomes.
We believe in sharing our experiences and cross-fertilising? our expertise. Our clients actively benefit from each other’s market segments and case studies and we merge best in class practices with superior craftsmanship. We measure our results and we drive scale by allocating and optimizing the right resources at the right time with equal combinations of passion and determination. We are part of the creative competence center within Brand Quadergy, we are Design Board.?
The brand design business today
and the responsibility of being part of Brand ?Quadergy
Bart Strauven
Operations Manager
Geert Baccaert
Senior Designer
Raya Tsanova
Business Development Director
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Marianne Madsen is the Client Service Director of Design Board International.
In this role, she has strengthened and developed strong partnerships with our most prominent clients and is recognised as a leading contributor on several highly prestigious and strategic projects.
Frequently invited to inspire, challenge and guide external agency collaborations, Marianne is recognised for her wide-ranging experience within the field of visual communications and brand identity across touch points.
She is also the author of several articles on the topic of Brand Management, FMCG Marketing and Design Innovation.
Marianne previously worked for organisations such as Vodafone, Ikea and Starbucks and has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in International Business.